Personal Injury/Auto Vehicle Injury

Gary Borden, Esq.

Personal injury matters can affect your life in many ways. The effects of an injury are not only physical, but emotional as well.  If the injury was a result of someone else’s action then you deserve to be compensated for that injury. At Gary Borden Law, our staff works diligently to assist injury victims to receive the just compensation that they deserve.

Gary Borden Law offers the highest-level of expertise and compassion to assure that our clients feel completely safe while they are being represented. Our staff is highly trained and has over 20 years of legal experience dealing with personal injury matters. We also believe that it is of vital importance for our clients to be educated and informed during the process so they understand the legal situation they are involved with and the steps that our firm will take to get them the best results possible.

Our staff at Gary Borden Law is trained in many practices areas pertaining to personal injury. These areas include car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, brain injuries and more.

In a city such as Portland, car accidents and bicycle accidents happen at a high rate of frequency. As pedestrians try to navigate the busy road, often times in inclement weather, accidents do happen. With any type of vehicular or pedestrian accident that may occur, it is of the utmost importance to have a Personal Injury Attorney Portland who can assist you. As a Portland Personal Injury Attorney, our firm takes cases that pertain to standard and complex situations involving car injuries, trucks, buses, or victims of drunk driving.

We recommend acquiring legal representation as soon as possible after any type of motor-vehicle collision to ensure that the proper steps are taken to protect your rights. By contacting our office, our staff is able to help navigate you through the legal process and reach the best legal outcome possible given the circumstances of your case. Any case that you feel has caused you to become a victim of personal injury can be discussed with our staff during a no-cost, confidential consultation.

At Gary Borden Law, it is our personal objective to provide you with the best legal representation possible and allow you to walk away with the just compensation that you deserve. We have over 20 years of experience in personally representing individuals who have been victims of personal injury. For the best Car Accident Attorney Portland or for an experienced Auto Accident Attorney Portland, give Gary Borden Law a call today at 503-261-1335.